The engineering commencement was bright and early at 9AM in the morning at Drake Stadium. Had to show up at 8:15 to  get a name card so there was a lot of loitering. Thankfully I was able to spot a few EE buddies and talk/take pictures with them.

As for the ceremony – it was painful at times, especially when the sun started to come out about an hour in. And after the first hundred or so PhD and master students walked, it started to get really boring. It was a test of patience. There were a couple speeches thrown in; one by a graduating senior and one by a guest speaker. The senior’s speech was so cheesy and it seemed like she was reciting her speech from memory. I enjoyed the guest speaker’s talk a lot more mainly because she spoke from the heart.

About three hours into the service it was finally time for the undergrads to walk. As I went up it felt like my cap was about to fly off but thankfully it didn’t. I was trying to fix it while I was standing in line to walk. It felt great walking on stage and getting my “diploma”. It was hard to believe that this is it – I am done with college and probably done with school forever. At the time it didn’t hit me. I still don’t think that it has totally sunk in.

Thankful for the people that came to celebrate with me at the reception. My mom brought her camera and took lots of pictures. I’m glad I was able to see some of the old ICA people and that some of the USC brothers and sisters were able to make it out.

Then some of us went to a graduation lunch at Chipotle! The rest of the day was spent hanging out and going to a couple other graduation ceremonies. Was able to catch Joe at the end of the neuroscience commencement and visited Mark at the end of his ceremony. Then everyone who was still around went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I forgot how expensive that place is.