Out of all the fall conferences I’ve been to, this one touched me the most. Coming into it, I felt pretty overwhelmed and burnt out but by the end of it I came out feeling at peace. The most memorable part of the conference for me was the small group time. Peter, David, and Nate were all in my small group and we were sharing about what was going on in our lives. It was weird because our small group seemed pretty calm and mellow. Even David, who is usually very upbeat and lively, seemed to be a lot more calm and humble. It turns out that Peter, David, and I were going through similar issues. Mainly, we were all tired and burnt out.

I hadn’t met Nate before, but he was a blessing to have in the small group. He wasn’t a Christian, but when it was his turn to share, he mentioned that he was enjoying the praise time at conference a lot. He said that he felt so much power while praising God! It was a very encouraging touch to an otherwise depressing small group 😛 We then got around to answering some of his questions about God and Christianity and I then proceeded to share the bridge illustration with him. It was very beneficial as it helped answer some of his questions and it was a blessing for me to share with him. Even though he didn’t accept after my sharing, I knew it was just a matter of time before he would invite God into his heart. Nate also mentioned that he had recently had a conflict with a friend and I could tell that he was feeling guilty. I assured him that God had already payed for his sins and that he is forgiven. Since there was a session of prayer later in the day, I encouraged him to spend that time to ask God to reveal Himself and to repent and ask God for His forgiveness. By the end of the day, Nate had invited God into his heart and shared in front of the congregation that after repenting during the prayer time, he received a text from his friend he had an argument with who forgave and apologized to him.

It was also cool that the UCLA campus skit was such a blessing to the audience, especially since it was frustrating (for me at least) during rehearsal.