How great it is to be with Joyce again! I arrived on Monday morning here, and headed straight to the hospital, since Joyce happened to be having her treatment just at that same time that day. As I stepped out of the elevator to the radiation department, I had to turn left and make my way down a long hall way, about 50 yards long, and wouldn’t you know it…there was Joyce, just stepping out of her treatment room, way down at the end of the hall, with no one else in between us on that long passageway. That was a real “kodak moment,” and a happy walk down a long aisle for me as she waited there at the end, and I went to be with her.

Perhaps the only better walk that I can remember featuring a long aisle and the two of us was when Joyce, wearing a white dress, approached me at the altar where I waited for her way way back in 1978. She looked beautiful on both of those days. (And everyday inbetween!) We are so happy to be living God’s plan for us…looking to Him for help and blessing each and every day. How good it is to be together again!